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Тема: DCS: Black Shark

DCS: Black Shark

Release year 2008
Genre: flight simulator
Developer: Eagle Dynamics
Publisher: Eagle Dynamics
Platform: PC
Version 1.0.2
Publication Type: unofficial
Interface language english
Voice language english
With keygen: yes
System requirements:
Minimum: Windows XP, Vista, or 7; CPU with a frequency of 2 GHz; 1 GB of RAM; graphics card with 256 MB of memory, compatible with DirectX 9; 5 GB on the HDD.
Recommended: Windows XP, Vista, or 7; CPU Intel E6850 or AMD Phenom 9850+; more than 2 GB of RAM; a video card with 512 MB of memory, compatible with DirectX 9; 5 GB on the HDD.


DCS: Black Shark is the first iteration of the Digital Combat Simulator series and simulates the Russian Kamov Ka-50 Attack Helicopter codenamed Black Shark.

The game is a hardcore simulation with the goal of absolute realism. It features a fully functional cockpit and accurately simulates every aspect of the helicopter with the distinctive coaxial rotor system including flight dynamics, avionics systems, and weapon systems. To make it easier for beginners, the game allows the player to activate and deactivate several different flying aids and even features an arcade mode. In addition an extensive tutorial together with the 488-page manual offer many practical exercises to get the player familiar with the potent machine.

Once control is established over the power of the Ka-50, the player can test his skills either in a linear campaign following a fictive war in the Caucasus region, jump into other pre-defined missions, or create his own with the included campaign and mission editor. The game features a multiplayer mode in which the players can either work together towards a common goal or engage in demanding dogfights.




Install the game and patch with administrator privileges.


http://aerotero.ru/forum/extensions/pun_attachment/img/compress.png TVM_DCSBLSH_ENG.iso (3.77 GB)

Patch for multiplayer:
http://aerotero.ru/forum/extensions/pun_attachment/img/msi.png DCS_BS_Patch_1.0.2_EN.exe (0.98 GB)